M. William Phelps

Perfect Poison: A Female Serial Killer's Deadly Medicine

“M. William Phelps dares to tread where few others will: into the mind of a killer.” —TV Rage
At the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Northampton, Massachusetts, Kristen Gilbert was known as a hardworking, dedicated nurse. Yet so many emergencies and sudden deaths occurred under Kristen's watch that others jokingly called her the “Angel of Death.” No one suspected the horrifying truth: that over the course of six months, Gilbert had caused the deaths of as many as forty patients. With new insight into the sociopathic mindset of nurses who kill, and the latest details on Gilbert's ongoing prison sentence, M. William Phelps exposes how one person's good intentions went so chillingly, killingly wrong. . .
“Phelps is one of America's finest true-crime writers.” —Vincent Bugliosi
“Phelps is a true-crime veteran.”—New York Post
“Anything by Phelps is always an eye-opening experience.” —Suspense Magazine
“One of our most engaging crime journalists.” —Katherine Ramsland
Sixteen Pages Of Dramatic Photos
160,000 Words
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