Sarah Harper

The Natural and Handmade Soap Book

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“The natural products you can make from this book are not only kinder to your skin; they are also better for the planet” (Soap Making Magazine, “Top 6 Books for Soap Making”).
From nourishing oat soap bars to impressive rosebud soap cakes and fun soaps for kids, this book will inspire you to make beautiful handmade soap without all the chemicals found in commercial products.
Sarah shows you how to master the two key techniques of handmade soapmaking—the traditional cold-process method and the fast and fun melt-and-pour method—and then demonstrates how to use these techniques to make fabulous soaps, shampoo bars, homemade washing powder, and even dishwasher soap bombs.
Step-by-step photography and the author’s insightful advice from years of experience teaching soapmaking makes every project achievable, guiding you effortlessly from start to finish. Packed with handy tips and an easy, approachable style, this is a beautiful book filled with practical projects so that anyone, including children, can make a variety of soaps they will be proud to use, display, and give away!
“This book shows that making soap is not just about the science, but can be another kind of art as it allows makers to bring out their creativity in the process.” —Bangkok Post
“A fabulous book for anyone interested in all things soap.” —Sustainable(ish)
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