Helene Thian

Setting Up & Operating a Business in Japan

“A unique handbook, speaking to the key issues and drawing on the experiences of veterans at the Japan business game.” —James C. Abegglen, Cofounder, Boston Consulting GroupMore and more foreign-owned businesses are set up in Japan every year-and dozens fail because they are not set up properly. Now, an American lawyer working in Tokyo has written this new, compact handbook that will give you all the information you need to get your business off the ground and keep it there.Packed with business tips, legal information, interviews with successful foreign business people, and insider perspectives on Japanese business practices, this book is essential for the entrepreneur, the foreign enterprise representative, or anyone who wants to build a successful business in the world's most competitive marketplace.Topics of Setting up and Operating a Business in Japan include: Working with the Japanese. Forming a Company. Financing. Taxation. Visas. Employees. Cost of Doing Business. Advertising. Pros and Cons of Being a Foreign Business. Business Advice. Business Organizations. Professional Clubs. Helpful Organizations. Communication Services
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