Heather S Orr

How to Like Being a Lawyer

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Modern lawyers face an unusual paradox. Studies reveal that lawyers are among the least happy of any profession, if not the least happy. The abundance of lawyer jokes in circulation confirms that the public doesn’t love its lawyers any more than those lawyers love their job. And yet, there are an abundance of aspiring attorneys spending six figures and three years of their lives to get into the profession, even in the face of the reality that approximately a third of them won’t be able to find legal jobs upon graduation. Why are they doing it? Perhaps they know that the profession was once a noble calling and that it remains so for a small percentage of attorneys. These aspiring attorneys undoubtedly have that aim in mind, intending to be the exception to the rule. This book endeavors to provide a road map toward that end, addressing how to find both success and happiness in BigLaw, a small firm, or as a solo practitioner.
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