Mike Sabey

Fractured Trust

An epic story inspired by true events of passion, bravery and betrayal …
As German bombs rained devastation on London in the 1940s, the lives of one family are changed forever.
London, 1941
An Australian bomb disposal officer, Lieutenant Charles Garland, separated from the woman he loves is injured in an horrific blast, causing his world to fall apart after he receives an unexpected letter informing him that his family legacy has been stolen.
Margie Swanson a young nurse eager to find love and escape the clutches of her unforgiving mother, begins a passionate affair with a handsome but unscrupulous rogue who betrays her trust.
Melbourne, 2019
Margie’s granddaughter Emma Childers stumbles upon long-buried family secrets that uncovers a true story of shame, loss and deceit that leads to an explosive climax where all will not be as it seems.
349 паперових сторінок
Дата публікації оригіналу
Silverbird Publishing



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