CDN,M.S,R.D,RN,CPNP,Orrin Devinsky,Courtney Schnabel Glick,Erin Conway

Epilepsy in Children

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For the parent of a child with epilepsy, an easy-to-read guide to understanding and managing the disorder while helping your child achieve and maintain a high quality of life.
From a leading neurologist, experienced nurse practitioner, and registered dietician comes the complete guide to managing your childís life with epilepsy. Epilepsy in Children offers the practical advice and information you need to manage your childís seizures safely and effectively, understand the latest treatment options, and find hope for a seizure-free future.
Key Features:
Get the right diagnosis for your child and the correct treatment to reduce the frequency of seizures fasterLearn the benefits and risks of pharmaceutical, surgical, and alternative therapies including the ketogenic dietHelp your child maintain a normal life at school, with friends, and in sports and other activitiesNavigate the transitions from infancy and childhood, to puberty, to becoming a young adult
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