DJ Brown

The Art of CAREFUL

If you are a leader or manager who works in healthcare — and that includes most doctors and nurses, as well as those with ‘manager’ in their job title — this book is written for you.

Healthcare accounts for more than 10 per cent of all spending in developed countries. Millions of people work health services across the world.

Of this vast number of healthcare workers, a majority are leaders – yet few are offered simple, practical advice on how to lead and manage their colleagues.

In this follow-up to his popular book Meaning of Careful, Dr Brown offers healthcare leaders advice from his experience working not just as a doctor in an emergency department, and medical director of a group of hospitaals but also from his time outside medicine, working with large international corporations.

The seven step process of CAREFUL leadership provides practical and useful advice to those who want to use their energy to improve the care of their patients, their colleagues and themselves.

The book offers practical advice, not only on the psycology – the art – of leading but also on the skills neceesary to in uence and manage both peers and teams.
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