Yu-Han Chao

Sex and Taipei City

Sex in Taipei City is not what one expects: it is repressed, traded for cash, vengeful, sometimes awkward and almost always secretive. A young Taiwanese man goes on his first real date with a British man he meets online, a uniformed schoolgirl sells her body for cash in an odd form of revenge, a grandfather becomes obsessed with Japanese porn, and a pregnant mistress offers her lover's wife five million NT in exchange for her to divorce her husband.
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Red Hen Press


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    “Never mind what silly children say. Whatever she said, it’s nonsense.”

    The bride dabbed her eye with a tissue and sat upright in the chair. “On the contrary,” she said, “children hear everything. They tell the truth.”
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    She knew it was shallow and probably a sin to be vain at church, like the little girl with red shoes who danced herself to death.

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