Curtis Florence,Dominic Munafo

Adoption Saved My Life

This is an inspiring story of triumph over adversity and the success of a desire to help others…

In Dominic's own words.

– “There were plenty of ups and downs in my journey through life, from being a child with no family, to now being a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist – and this book lays them all before you.

Through telling my story, showing you everything – complete transparency – I hope to inspire you, and show you that you, too, are worthy of greatness. My story will show you that I am nowhere close to perfect, but that I took each situation and learned from it, in order to build a better me, and achieve wonderful things as a result.

My wish is for you, also, to build a better you and strive for greatness. If you have a dream, then chase it, and if you have a gift, then give it. Let us all hear your voice.”

Here's what Vanna White had to say about Dominic's story.

“I just finished reading your book. Firstly, it was great getting to know your family history and where you came from. Secondly, I am so proud of you for all the good you do in this world and what a positive attitude you have towards it all. Your book was very inspirational and touching. Even though it's titled “Adoption Saved My Life”, it's for everyone out there that is following a dream. Your dreams CAN come true! You are living proof! Great job Dominic! Love, Vanna” – Vanna White – Television Personality
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