Joe B. Adair,Karen Paul Stone,Melanie N. Adair

You're Never Over-the-Hill

Melanie and Joe Adair have written a story that they hope will inspire not just Baby Boomers, but people of every age to discover their own exciting journey and the possibilities for where it can go next. Their own journey has taken them through Oklahoma State University, The University of Iowa, health care provision to those with traumatic brain injuries, communication disorders, HIV/AIDS, developmental delays, and to the poor in the inner city. They have been involved in developing strategies for well-being that intersect health and faith, providing education, training, and seminars for a wide range of groups.  
Recent years have been spent finding new ways to help older adults age well and to advocate for their rights in a system that too often deals with them as if they have no value. They are authors of Survival Manual for Elders: Encouraging Elders’ Resiliency Potential; Downloads from God: Seven Portals to Peace; and The Sage Movement: Replacing Ageism with Sageism-A Call for Culture Change.
79 паперових сторінок
Дата публікації оригіналу
Inc., Waldenhouse Publishers



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