Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn

Selling Real Estate without Selling Your Soul, Volume 2

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So, can you really sell real estate…without selling your soul?

In a word, YES!

Contrary to what you might have learned in the corporate training you received when you first got your license, you can be a successful real estate agent who makes plenty of money and wins lots of awards—without humiliating yourself using pushy, Old-School-Saw-That-Coming-a-Mile-Away closing techniques, incessantly pestering your friends for their business and referrals, or spending three hours a day interrupting strangers in their homes with your unwelcome cold-calls or door-knocks.

In other words, without changing who you are or becoming someone you don’t recognize—or even much like!

YES. An extraordinary career in real estate—no soul-selling required.

(Of course, if using pushy, intelligence-insulting closing techniques, pestering your friends for business or cold-calling sound like fun, knock yourself out, but put this book back on the shelf. It’s of no use to you).

This blog-to-book is the second volume of a two volume series and includes such fan favorites as:

The Seller Has a Friend Who Will List It Really Cheap

41 Listings in 30 Days? Let's Do that Math…

Listing Presentations: How to Lose Them from Hello!

No, I Won't Reduce My Commission! Do You Expect Me to Work for FREE?

How to Talk About Your Real Estate Career without sending your audience running in the other direction!

How Do I Talk My Buyer out of Low-Balling?

Open Houses – How Do I Get Contact Information from Visitors?

If Real Estate Is so Easy, How Do You Justify Your Fee?

…and so many more!
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