John Marsden

The Third Day, The Frost

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The Australian YA adventure trilogy “comes to a thrill-a-minute conclusion as the teen heroes continue their guerrilla tactics against totalitarian foes" (Publishers Weekly).
It's been nearly six months since Australia was invaded and Ellie’s life changed forever. Once normal teenagers, she and six of her friends are now trapped in a war zone where every moment is a struggle for survival. Living in the woods to evade capture, Ellie has become an expert in fear, hunger, sickness—and improvised explosives.
Ellie and her friends are learning to fight back, attacking the army that stole their land, abducted their families, and destroyed their future. But to wage a war, they must strike their enemy where it hurts—and risk everything they hold dear.
Concluding the story that began in Tomorrow, When the War Began and The Dead of Night, John Marsden “offers an unflinching look at living in war-torn Australia” (Kirkus Reviews).
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