El Ninjo

Comic Books For Kids Age 8 – Comic Illustrations – Ninja Books For Boys – Kid Ninjas

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Fart Book 1 includes the following pant ripping stories: The list of fart situation goes like this: * The Wake Upper Popper * The Straight Up Breakfast Table Shot * The Flying Carpet * The Backpack Burster * The Gasification In The Car * The Imaginary Bone Shot Or Fart Expressionism * The Blue Hour In The Elevator (this is a brand new and never before released story. It is included for the first time in this new and enhanced color and audio version of the Fart Book) * The Delivery Boy Truck Detonator * The Stinky Tsunami * The Lego Blower * The Hand Stinker * The Marshmallow Shooter * The Steamy Sweat Blanket Pooper * The Gas Eruption in the Chicken Coop and many more steamy bean blowing farting dog episodes… Fart Book 2 will show you even more tooting adventures with bean steams like: * The Funny & Farty Hot Air Balloon Ride * How To Jump Higher * The 18th Hole Trick * El Ninjo's Genius Idea In The Doldrums * Oktoberfest Time & The Fart Impact On The Swing * Driving On The Merry Go Round Is Only Fun With Some Fart Art * Baseball Power Hitting * The NY Style Artistry + Black Fart Rap Skyscraper Freestyle Sound – This is a brand new story and it has never been released before! and many more… In Fart book 3 you will discover even more hilarious bottom burping stories like: * The Safari Mobil Breakdown * The Jungle Bang * The Bean Slam'n Smoke * The Tears Gas Boom and many more steamy Kenja bean blowing stories… Finally in Volume 4 the farts transform into true Ninja farts like: * The New Dimension: The World Is My Oyster * Fart Olympics On The Acropolis with Socrates & Plato * Farting with Roman Bean Antipasti Inspired by Stories of The Ancient Rome * Venice: The Ghost Of The Canal & The Gondolas * Parachuting From The Eiffel Tower * Magical Fairy Dust Ninja Farts In Casablanca * The Great Wall Of China & Other Wonders Of The World * The Taj Mahal: The Temple Of Mysteries * Tokyo: Pop Cult lots more… You'll find 62 pant ripping stories inide…
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