Lawrenzo C.P. Manza

Cancer, Seek & Destroy

The Story A Family's Fight With Their Son's Cancer
On a chilly, damp foggy, September morning, Charlie slowly walks into the downstairs brightly lit kitchen. His eyes react to the light reflecting off the large white cabinets. He touches the tender swollen lump under the left side of his neck and winces in pain.Charlie knows that something is wrong with him. He's afraid to tell his mom and dad for fear that learning what may be causing the lump in his neck may be related to the sickness he almost died from when he was born.He doesn't want to put his family through the stress and uncertainty that they went through twelve years ago. However, he knows if he doesn't say something, his parents may never forgive him.
If you have a loved one in your family, or have a friend that is fighting cancer, no matter what their age, this story, can help you.
Based on my fight with cancer while receiving chemo, I learned how to use my imagination as an adult to create positive thoughts and actions to go into full remission.
Anyone fighting cancer needs to be resilient and never give up!
If you get knocked down by a setback, you need to learn to get back up and fight back!

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Lawrenzo C.P. Manza



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