Nancy Spencer

Heaven in My Hands

We are wrapped in a mantle of awe at the beauty around us. But there is one particular experience transcending all others--a baby's first breath, that primal cry of a brand-new human being that's so powerful, so rich, and so pure, it brings instant tears. The cycle of life begins anew--full of expectation, hope, and love.

Every baby is magnificent, beautiful, perfection itself, whose grand entrance into this world is never commonplace. How could it be? For those first several minutes, it seems as if one can sense the very breath of God come to earth. This brief exchange with holiness is undeniable, a treasured memory forever, and certainly a story worth sharing.

These are the stories Nancy Spencer shares in Heaven in My Hands. Accept the invitation to laugh and be surprised and inspired as you read some of the most humorous, tender, poignant, and life-altering births Nancy has encountered in her decades-long midwifery practice. Journey with these families and see the glory of God shining in the face of each sweet little boy and girl. When the miracle of life changes everything, these gifts from God truly are heaven in our hands.

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Дата публікації оригіналу
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