Marion Kummerow

In The Skies

Could you betray your own father to escape a life of brutality and oppression?
The year is 1948.
The city is Berlin.
The post-war elation is rapidly losing its glow. Soviet “assistance” begins to resemble a dictatorship, food and supplies grow scarce, and the conflict-ravaged city struggles with basic survival.
In an atmosphere of universal suspicion and fear, Zara's life is harder than most. As the daughter of a Nazi war criminal, her every step is monitored by the new ruling powers.
Despite her father's sins, she manages to carve out a slice of hope. Emigrating to Western Germany, she finds work, purpose, and — most importantly — freedom.
And now she risks losing everything she has built.
Glenn is a maverick in the US AirForce. Flying is his life — he isn't looking for romance. When he first encounters Zara, it seems like just another harmless flirtation. But there is something about her — something that breaks through to his battle-hardened heart.
When Glenn's plane crashes in Soviet territory, he’s taken to their hospital — and if he refuses to give up state secrets, his life could be the forfeit.
Zara has information that could save the man she loves. But how can one woman succeed where the US AirForce has failed?
By giving up her own flesh and blood.
Read this heart-stopping story of kidnapping, betrayal, sacrifice, and redemption today.
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Marion Kummerow



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