Sarah Brown

The Cat

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Of all the domesticated species, cats have enjoyed the most complex relationship with people—one that still leads to arguments about whether you can label the cat asleep by your fire “tame.” The Cat: A Natural History begins at the beginning, just like Kipling but with more scientific heft, with a section on the evolution of the species, starting with Pseudaelurus, the first cat ancestor. A complex story of migration and development brings us to the modern world, in which an eight-branch family features 37 species. The following chapters on Anatomy & Biology, Society & Behavior, and Cats & Humans, take different angles on matters feline, offering plenty of new insights. A directory of breeds, featuring gorgeous photography of some of the most striking examples, makes a worthy conclusion to a book that should enchant anyone with an interest in, or a love for, cats.
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Ivy Press

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