Christopher Moore

Paying Back Jack

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“A gripping tale of human trafficking, mercenaries, [and] international conspiracies . . . set against the lovely and sordid backstreets of Bangkok” (Barry Eisler).
Paying Back Jack is a gritty crime thriller in the Shamus Award-winning series featuring Vincent Calvino, a disbarred American lawyer working as a PI in the dangerous and steamy Thailand capital.
Calvino has agreed to follow the “minor wife” of a Thai politician and report on her movements. His client is Rick Casey, a shady American whose life has been darkened by the unsolved murder of his idealistic son. But what seems to be a simple surveillance job pulls Calvino into a quest for revenge, as well as a perilous web of political allegiance. Calvino narrowly escapes an attempt on his life and then avoids being framed for a murder only through the calculated lever-pulling of his best friend, Thai police colonel, Pratt. But unknown to our man in Bangkok, in an anonymous apartment tower in the center of the city, a two-man sniper team awaits its shot, a shot that will change everything . . .
“A terrific character . . . A terrific writer.” —T. Jefferson Parker
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431 паперова сторінка
Дата публікації оригіналу
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Grove Atlantic, Grove Press
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