F Barish-Stern

Code 47 to BREV Force

Super heroes come to life and transport us to a fantasy world where costumed characters have abilities far beyond most humans and good plays out against evil. This diversion from our own reality, usually shows up in comic books and films, but now these heroes come to life on the pages of The Code 47 to BREV Force Trilogy. In this second book of The BREV Force Trilogy Code 47 to BREV Force – QUIZMASTER-MIXMATCHER, our heroes have just defeated CONTROLLER and its hologram Cracko and are planning for what comes next. But when the newest hologram, QuizMaster appears, it is obvious that CONTROLLER isn't backing down. Once again CONTROLLER is using students but to what end? Trying to discover the answers our super-heroes are faced with multiple choices, all of which seem to end with a death trap. Can they join together with a little help from their friends to outsmart the QuizMaster and finally end CONTROLLER'S hold on young people and stop its march to conquer the world? The encounter proves CONTROLLER'S persistence, the clock is ticking and The BREV Force are running out of time…3,2,1…an explosion! Are The BREV Force dead? Is CONTROLLER GONE? This wave of calm brings Love, especially for the college students. But when Love turns to Control… The BREV Force must go on the date of a lifetime…a date to save our world! The past is blending with the present and secrets are bound to be revealed…why do all roads still seem to lead to CONTROLLER! Find out as fantasy collides with reality, in the pages of Code 47 to BREV Force!
275 паперових сторінок
Дата публікації оригіналу
golden quill press

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