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200 Amazing Dog Facts For Kids And Adults

This is the perfect book for you or your loved ones…adults or kids

If you own a dog, you know it's hard not to love them.

To be more precise 1 out of 3 American households have at least one pooch!


How much do you know about your dog or puppy?

200 AMAZING DOG FACTS FOR KIDS AND ADULTS: Learn about the weirdest dog facts that will impress you and your friends.

The 200 dog facts book in this book is the ideal way to learn more about dog behavior and…make you smile as well

The book contains LOT OF beautiful color images of Dogs and Puppies.

This is the perfect gift book for a dog lover.

You will learn so many new facts about man's best friend.

This is a preview of what you will read in this book:

Did you know that you could find your dog by their nose print just as you can find a human by their fingerprint?  Each nose print is unique!

A dog many times will curl into a ball when sleeping.  This is an instinct to protect their vital organs from predators and to help them retain body heat as well.

You don't often hear of the canine survivors of the Titanic.  But there were three dogs who survived when the ship sank.  Two were Pomeranians and One was a Pekingese.  They had been in the first class cabins with their owners.

Much more…
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