Daniel Brown

Enduring Entanglements

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Enduring Entanglements: The Third Reich’s Insidious Impact on America" is the first comprehensive resource edition that examines the myriad of ways the Third Reich has impacted the United States from Nazi Germany’s origins to the present. What is most striking about this work is that the long-term effects of Nazi inventions and innovations—from practical inventions (advanced computers, electron microscopes, electro-magnetic tape, et al.) to aviation and avionics (“swept-winged,” stealth aircraft, high altitude missiles, drones, et al.) to lethal agents (like Sarin gas and crystal Methamphetamine)—are so ingrained in American culture without any accompanying understanding about their odious origins. Beyond this, “Enduring Entanglements” exposes the myth of a united front in America following Hitler’s declaration of war against the U.S. Indeed, as Brown documents so adroitly in his chronicle, American businesses, time-and-again, chose profits over patriotism and continued to covertly partner with Nazi industry at the same time America was at war with the Nazis. In addition, Brown has marshaled an amazing array of sources to weave together his new revelations about the multitude of Nazi-U.S. connections. Scandalous as it is, the American people have never been provided the detailed accounting of the millions of dollars paid out to General Motors, Ford, International Telephone & Telegraph, and International Business Machines for damage our forces inflicted on their industrial plants in Nazi Germany during the Second World War—factories that were serving the Third Reich's sinister cause.
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