Milestones in the Development of National Infrastructure for the Uranium Production Cycle

Many IAEA Member States have expressed interest in introducing or reintroducing uranium mining and related activities for the purposes of nuclear fuel production, and so contribute to meeting energy needs. This publication is intended to be used as guidance on how to evaluate the progress toward establishing or re-establishing a national uranium production programme and to aid in the planning steps necessary to develop the national infrastructure requirements for uranium production in a Member State. The publication includes consideration of four phases of successive development in the uranium production cycle to achieve four corresponding milestones. The four phases are: (i) exploration, (ii) construction/ commissioning of a uranium mine and processing facility, (iii) safe operation of a uranium mine and processing facility, and (iv) decommissioning and remediation. Within each phase sixteen aspects or issues are identified that ought to be addressed to achieve each milestone in the development of the uranium production cycle. The publication will be of interest to government decision makers and decision influencers, such as advisors in relevant government departments, regulatory bodies involved in regulation of uranium mines and processing facilities, and the uranium mining/processing industry and researchers.
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