Godfree Roberts Ed.D.

Curing Meralgia Paresthetica

Curing Meralgia Paresthetica is for people in pain who want immediate relief, long-term cure, and something to discuss with their physician. Written by a Meralgia sufferer, it helps you find your way out of pain quickly and safely. It covers every aspect of finding a cure for Meralgia Paresthetica:
* Diagnosing Meralgia
* Symptoms
* Laura's Story
* Understanding where it comes from and who gets it.
* Emergency treatments for Meralgia
* Night-time strategies for dealing with Meralgia pain
* Walking and sitting with Meralgai
* Long-term Meralgia treatments.
* Natural remedies for Meralgia.
* Pharmaceutical drugs that ease Meralgia symptoms.
* Exercises to relieve and prevent Meralgia symptoms.
* How doctors look at Meralgia (and what they tell each other)
* Meralgia and Pregnancy
* Professional treatments for Meralgia
* Claiming Disability for Meralgia Sufferers (how insurers see you)
* Long-term recovery from Meralgia: the author's personal story
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Mulga Press, eBookIt.com



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