Edna St.Vincent Millay

Renascence and Other Poems

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    Enya Almanzaцитує12 годин тому
    birds now flying fearless
    Across would drop in terror to the earth
    Enya Almanzaцитує12 годин тому
    I cannot call you back; and I desire
    No utterance of my immaterial voice.
    I cannot even turn my face this way
    Or that, and say, "My face is turned to you";
    I know not where you are, I do not know
    If Heaven hold you or if earth transmute,
    Body and soul, you into earth again;
    But this I know:—not for one second's space
    Shall I insult my sight with visionings
    Such as the credulous crowd so eager-eyed
    Beholds, self-conjured, in the empty air.
    Let the world wail! Let drip its easy tears!
    My sorrow shall be dumb!
    Enya Almanzaцитує12 годин тому
    What now—what now to me
    Are all the jabbering birds and foolish flowers
    That clutter up the world? You were my song!
    Now, let discord scream! You were my flower!
    Now let the world grow weeds! For I shall not
    Plant things above your grave

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