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Make Your Money Work For You (3rd Edn)

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    It is horrible to retire when you don’t have enough money, and even worse if everyone around you has enough and you can’t even get by. That is why learning how to invest is so important.
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    We belong to the sandwich generation. Our children depend on us, as do our parents. For our children, we are seeing the price of a higher education rising faster than the rate of inflation. For our parents, we are possibly looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs for treating major illnesses they run the risk of contracting. The sandwich generation is being chewed on at both
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    So the question really is, “Where were you when the market was falling?” Did you keep up with the news? Did you contact your financial adviser? Did you speak to your friends in the know about what was happening? Did you take care of your own financial well-being?
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    Unit Trusts
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    Bonds are loans issued by companies and governments to borrow money
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    Hence, should the company run into financial difficulties, creditors can only claim against the assets of the company, and not the assets of individual stockholders.
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    As owners, the holders of common stock are entitled to elect the directors of the company and to vote on major issues. Stockholders also have limited liability, meaning that they cannot lose more than their investment in the company.
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    Convertible bonds are less risky for investors and hence offer a lower rate of return than non-convertible bonds
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    High interest rates are one of the worst enemies of any stock investor.
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    online brokerage such as Phillip Securities (
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