Tony Manning

The Critical Core

From his 30 years as a top strategy consultant, Tony Manning has distilled a set of must-do strategy practices that apply to every company everywhere. These are the critical core.
Busy executives are overwhelmed by management ideas that are often just a repeat of what’s already known, and seduced by fads that will bog them down and not help them. Manning has dug deep into the past 100 years or so of management thinking and practice to find what’s endured, what has been most influential, and what is must-do vs. nice-to-do.
Expanding on insights from Manning’s previous book, What’s Wrong With Management and How to Get It Right, this no-nonsense guide describes a way of working that has been proven across companies, industries, and countries. A set of principles and practices that every firm must apply to compete and win.
Here you’ll discover what it takes to succeed, how to frame your strategic conversation, and how to close the gap between strategy and execution. So this is a book for every member of your team.
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