Baby Professor

Mother Earth's Beauty: Types of Air Around Us (For Early Learners)

You breathe in oxygen and you breathe out carbon dioxide. But do you know that there are other types of airs around you, and each has its own functions? This amazing book breaks down the complexity of science into little parts that are easy for young children to understand and recall. Train little science achievers by getting a copy of this book today!
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Baby Professor, Speedy Publishing LLC



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    Menna Abu Zahraцитує6 місяців тому
    car. Walk, cycle or use public transport whenever possible.
    Menna Abu Zahraцитує6 місяців тому
    A simple way is by using less electricity. Another way to reduce air pollution is to make fewer journeys by
    Menna Abu Zahraцитує6 місяців тому
    How can we reduce air pollution?
    There are many ways to reduce air pollution.
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