Richard Curtis

The Young Person's Guide to the Modern World

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Helping teens and pre-teens to navigate 21st Century pressures
You will face many challenges and threats over the next few years, it’s fair to say that the modern world is complicated.  However, at the same time, it’s hard to know where to go to get advice.
I wrote a book for parents, telling them about the things happening in your life and giving them advice on how best to help you.  I showed the book to several young people for their views and their overwhelming response was that they wanted their own version, so that’s why I wrote this book.
Inside you'll find information on the changes happening to your brain, your social and emotional development throughout your life, advice on managing difficult conversations, in addition to many aspects of your daily life, such as:
· Peer pressure
· Gangs and weapons
· Gender and sexuality
· Drugs
· Radicalisation
· Social media
· Online bullying
· Technology
· The Dark Web
· VR
· AI and robotics
Finally, I give you a few thoughts on things that will help you succeed in tomorrow’s world.  This is your indispensable source of advice to understanding the risks you encounter every day.
Finally, if your parents are on your back, why not get them to buy The Parent’s Guide to the Modern World?
Richard Daniel Curtis
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