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Creating Manga Characters

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Manga is an emotive and expressive form of storytelling that has become popular worldwide; vivid and fascinating characters make a large contribution to its appeal. Characters are an essential component of a good story, crucial to the plot and vital for engaging the reader's interest and emotions. They are also enormous fun to imagine and to draw, but it is not always easy to fit your characters, your world and your plot together to create a seamless, convincing whole. Written and illustrated by five artists from Sweatdrop Studios, this book starts with drawing in the manga style before going on to describe the process of character creation and how your character could express their personality and emotions. Five original characters help to explain every topic, including character traits, from personalities and typical roles all the way down to the individual details important to make your character unique. The book also looks at the creation of side characters to complement your main character, and world-building. Packed with tips, it describes how to make your world realistic and intriguing, no matter how fantastical or everyday its basis.
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    Tools and Equipment
    Before you start creating your characters, let’s look at the materials you need to use. The stationery you choose doesn’t need to be very specialized or expensive. You don’t have to use exactly the same materials that other artists use or recommend – experiment with different brands to compare quality and find out which ones you are most comfortable with. You don’t have to use materials any exact way either; sometimes experimenting with techniques and equipment and using them in a way they weren’t intended can create some wonderful effects that will complement your artwork.

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