Thomas Stanley

Stop Acting Rich

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The bestselling author of The Millionaire Next Door reveals easy ways to build real wealth With well over two million of his books sold, and huge praise from many media outlets, Dr. Thomas J. Stanley is a recognized and highly respected authority on how the wealthy act and think. Now, in Stop Acting Rich ? and Start Living Like a Millionaire, he details how the less affluent have fallen into the elite luxury brand trap that keeps them from acquiring wealth and details how to get out of it by emulating the working rich as opposed to the super elite.
Puts wealth in perspective and shows you how to live rich without spending more Details why we spend lavishly and how to stop this destructive cycle Discusses how being “rich” means more than just big houses and luxury cars A defensive strategy for tough times, Stop Acting Rich shows readers how to live a rich, happy life through accumulating more wealth and using it to achieve the type of financial freedom that will create true happiness and fulfillment.
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