Robert L. Ridgway DVM

How to Treat Your Dogs and Cats with Over-the-Counter Drugs

This is companion volume to How to Treat Your Dogs and Cats with
Over-the-Counter Drugs serves as a reference for pet owners and continues
Dr. Robert Ridgway's primary goal of offering an easy-to-use
guide that enable them to correctly use over-the-counter (OTC) drugs
to treat their ailing pets. Dr. Ridgway offers a complete description
of many common disease conditions that owners can either treat or
prevent with OTC drugs. Easy to read and understand, this resource
describes common conditions in pets simply, including surgical site
issues, euthanasia or humane death, bleeding wounds, pain and how to
identify it, oral warts, stings from insects, issues of the teeth, aging pets,
and many more that occur frequently in cats and dogs of all ages and
breeds. Each ailment is followed by a treatment and a prevention for
the condition described. The treatment gives the dosage needed to cure
the illness and tells the reader where they can purchase the product to
treat the medical condition. The choice of medical treatment for pets
is a decision that pet owners alone can make, but with this reference,
they have a unique guide describing what to do and where to find the
over-the-counter drugs they need to make their pet well.
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