Richard Curtis

Four Weddings And A Funeral

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There are friends and we can see the story through the eyes of Charles. Charles is a shy Englishman he can do strange things. He charmed by Carry, a beautiful American. They always meet at the weddings and funerals. The first wedding was between Angus and Lora. There unmarried friends have begun worried about they would stay single. At this wedding Charles has met Carry in first time and spent night with her. The young woman will hope that her lover declare about their wedding. But he didn’t do that because it is one night stands relations for him. The second wedding are celebrating Bernard and Lidia. Their relations have begun at the first wedding. At this bridal Charles has known that Carry engaged with the rich scotland politician. And Charles spent with her one more night.
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    don't hope for the perfect marriage. I'm not looking for thunder and lightning. I just want a nice, friendly girl who likes me too. Then we'll get married and be happy. It worked for my parents - well, it did for years, until they separated...'
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    'When I first saw Gareth dance,' Matthew tells Charles, 'I thought to myself, "People will be killed. Lives will be lost."'
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