Sam Smith

The Jordan Rules

The New York Times Bestseller, Now in eBook Format and Updated With a New Introduction
This is the 20th anniversary of the explosive bestseller that changed the way the world viewed one of the greatest athletes in history, revealing for the first time Michael Jordan's relentless drive to win anything and everything, at any cost. NBA Hall of Fame columnist Sam Smith had unlimited access to the team and its players during their championship 1991–92 season, which he details in the new introduction, along with candid revelations about his sources, and the reaction from Michael, his teammates, the media, and the fans when the book blasted onto the bestseller lists in 1992 (where it stayed for three months). With more than a million copies in print, and just published for the first time in eBook format, The Jordan Rules remains the ultimate inside look at one of the most legendary teams in sports history.
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    It helps to understand better the sport world

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    Hasyemi Rafsanjani Asyariцитуєторік
    Despite what they tell the students in school, journalism isn’t “publish or perish.” It’s creating relationships. To me, there is no relationship ever worth ruining for a story. To me, there never is one story big enough. You get your stories from working with people.
    Hasyemi Rafsanjani Asyariцитуєторік
    95 percent of what you read is true. Except the five percent you have personal knowledge about.

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