John Yarker

The Arcane Schools

A Review of their Origin and Antiquity ; with a General History of Freemasonry, and its Relation to the Theosophic, Scientific, and Philosophic Mysteries. The object of the work is to give a broad, but condensed view, of the various traces that are to be found amongst the ancients, in their religion, in their art, and in their buildings, civil, sacred and military, of a Speculative System such as is now embodied in Freemasonry. The work is necessarily a compilation of suitable information to be found in ancient and modern writers upon history, mystery, mysticism, and Freemasonry; but it also embraces the most recent views on these subjects which have been evolved by close and critical examination. There will be thirteen chapters, divided into three parts, with an appendix of a series of constitutions. Part I, The Arcane Schools. Part II, Operative and Speculative Freemasonry. Part III, the Speculative Revival. Part IV, Ancient Manuscripts.
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Jazzybee Verlag



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