Susan LeBlanc

Speak Slow I've Had Chemo” An A – Z Guide to Surviving Breast Cancer

An alphabet Patient Handbook utilized for the «need to knows» of breast cancer in a colorful presentation utilizing bold messages and clip art for visual imagery and healing.
It addresses the psychosocial aspects a woman encounters in her life crisis with breast cancer. Serious take action issues as fertility that must be addressed before medical treatment are critical before a treatment plan is in place!
1 This material is presented patient to patient in a less medicinal way to create medical awareness.
2 Discuss the "unmentionables" as sexuality, chemo brain, lymphedema, hair loss, fertility, etc providing solutions to improve body image and increase self esteem.
3 Promote healing to overcome adversities
A wonderful patient handbook to be utilized with simplified messages by a survivor with a bold message! «Speak Slow I've had Chemo» An A – Z Guide to Surviving Breast Cancer makes a wonderful medical setting book, gift for a patient, caregiver, or used for education for nursing students and other med students, survivor groups, gynecology, etc
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