Kelly Hulin

Recipes for Life: Healthy Diets to Try: Raw Foods and Wheat Free

Recipes for Life Healthy Diets to Try: Raw Foods and Wheat Free Two healthy alternative diets are combined in this this amazing cookbook. Learn the benefits of “rawism”, the growing trend of consuming uncooked and unprocessed foods. Section two further explains why wheat-free diets are also important. Sensitivities to grains can cause a host of gastrointestinal problems. Healthy recipes that enhance the flavour of natural fruits, vegetables, sauces, and bread, show you how these diets are anything but boring. Find recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus different wheat-free alternative food recipes. By using these healthy recipes for life, it is possible to decrease the desire for sweets, improve digestion and lower blood sugar levels. Weight loss is an added benefit, when fatty foods, preservatives, and flavour enhancing chemicals, are removed from cooking recipes.
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Speedy Publishing LLC, Cooking Genius



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