M.L. Ronn

The Indie Writer's Encyclopedia

300+ terms, 200+ explanations, and an appendix that will make your jaw drop!

In this useful writer’s guide, prolific writer M.L. Ronn covers every writing, marketing, and business term that a working writer needs to know to thrive in today’s digital world of publishing, with detailed examples.

This unique dictionary/encyclopedia hybrid will answer virtually any question you have about publishing.

When you’re done reading, you’ll have:

* A go-to resource that you can use again and again whenever you have a question
* A career’s worth of publishing industry education that takes some writers a lifetime to learn
* An unfair competitive advantage because your brain will swell up to twice its size and elevate you to a new level of existence (just kidding…this is a book description for an encyclopedia, for Pete’s sake—it needs humor!)

The Indie Writer’s Encyclopedia might not be the sexist book you buy this year, but it just might be the most practical.

Click the buy button to grab your copy of The Indie Writer’s Encyclopedia today!
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