June Thomson

The Secret Journals of Sherlock Holmes

SECRETS, SUSPENSE, AND CONSPIRACY. LONDON THROUGH THE EYES OF THE GREAT SHERLOCK HOLMES As Dr Watson's secret manuscripts are revealed to the public, a multitude of previously unseen cases come to light. An American millionaire receives threatening letters from a sinister Black Hand . .. A mysterious box terrifies a shopkeeper . .. Holmes and Watson feel the influence of an old enemy from beyond the grave . .. And a tragedy occurs which Sherlock Holmes will never be able to forgive himself for failing to prevent. From the smoky streets of London to a countryside mental institution, the renowned detective and his faithful sidekick Watson must use all their cunning to solve this array of mysteries. Murders, madness and diamonds abound as June Thomson continues the Holmes canon with a brilliance and ingenuity that perfectly captures where Conan Doyle left off.
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