Kenneth Yasuda

Japanese Haiku

This is the most authoritative and concise book on Japanese haiku available: what it is, how it developed, and how it is practiced in both Japanese and English.While many haiku collections are available to Western readers, few books combine both translated haiku with haiku written originally in English, along with an analysis of individual poems and of the haiku form itself. Written by a leading scholar in the field—Kenneth Yasuda was the first American to receive a doctorate in Japanese literature from Tokyo University—Japanese Haiku has been widely acclaimed.This edition is completely repackaged for a digital format, and is the perfect book for lovers of poetry who do not have a solid background in haiku.
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    form will be, I do not know. It may be two lines or three or four; it may be rimed or unrimed. But I am sure that whatever it is, it will be a definite form, for a haiku is a poem and not a dribble of prose.”3
    Ford, through his contact not only with the Imagist group but through Joseph Conrad with the nineteenth-century French writers represented by Flaubert and Gautier,2 voices a similar opinion: “Poetry is a matter of rendering, not comment. You must not say: ‘I am so happy’; you must behave as if you were happy.”1

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