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Weight loss and transformation take time, inspiration and stubborn determination. Jonathan Dichter transformed his life after undergoing weight loss surgery, and now he wants to join you in your journey to becoming the best version of yourself possible! Join Jonathan as he starts at over 400 pounds and sheds not only the excess weight but also the baggage that was weighing him down as a result. When Jonathan went to see his primary care doctor in Decmeber of 2015, he was sure she was ready to give up on him and tell him to just go home and get ready to die. His physical health had deteriorated to the point where walking through a grocery store gave him trouble. He committed to doing anything and everything his doctor told him, which brought him to researching gastric sleeve surgery.
#SleeveLife is a personal recount of one man's path to physical and emotional health, complete with stumbles and celebrations along the way. If you're considering weight loss surgery, a weight loss program or diet, or any major life change, you can find something in Jonathan's story to inspire, move and entertain you. Jonathan will walk with you through his decision to have weight loss surgery, the choice of surgeon, the surgery itself, his recovery, and slowly rebuilding his life into a better and better version every day.
Jonathan will give you tips and tricks on how to make sure you are always moving forward towards your weight loss goals (or any other goals for that matter) — and encourage you every step of the way to join him on a journey to positivity, and the best version of you possible. He'll discuss fears, anxieties, dating, eating, half marathons, Disney, clothing shopping, kids, gas, and more — in a frank and honest conversation written in a friendly and accessible tone. Jonathan wants nothing more than for you to feel like you're sitting with him at his table chatting about this experience and getting ready for your own.
#SleeveLife is a labor of love and a never ending story of continued change for its author and, at its heart, a motivational tool for its readers as well.
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