Michele Chynoweth

The Runaway Prophet

An ad mad is enlisted to stop a terrorist plot in a contemporary spin on the Bible story of Jonah that “will keep you riveted” (Delaware Today Magazine).
Rory Justice leads a relatively normal life as a conservative, divorced, middle-aged executive for an ad agency. Until a deathbed wish by his father, a retired FBI agent, upends his calm world. He’s been asked to hand-deliver a sealed letter to the Las Vegas sheriff’s department. It details plans of a catastrophic act of terror: an underground nuclear bomb ready to be detonated in Sin City by a mad and ingenious band of extremists.
His instinct is to run. But seeing his mission to the end is providence. Joining forces with the FBI and police lieutenant Susan McAfree, Rory is suddenly thrust into a life for which his he woefully unprepared. With only a matter of days to help uproot the insidious terrorists, and find the bomb, Rory is drawn deeper into a serpentine world of corruption, conspiracy, and impending catastrophe from which there may be no escape. And time is running out.
269 паперових сторінок
Дата публікації оригіналу
Morgan James Publishing



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