Tracy Quan

Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl

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A fun, witty, sexy, page-turning novel written by a real-life, high-priced Manhattan call girl.
This is the diary of Nancy Chan, busy career girl, in her thirties, newly engaged and trying to balance job and romance. But Nancy is a high-class call girl, a fact her banker fiance, Matt does not know (he thinks she’s a copy editor) and Nancy wants to keep it that way.
With one foot in the bedrooms of her rich and demanding clients and one in the world of her fiancé and his family, Nancy demonstrates, in her inimitable fashion, that if you know the dance, you can keep those two worlds from colliding. At least for a while.
This wonderfully intelligent, sexually frank, rollicking novel gives us fresh insight into the machinations and politics of being an expensive call girl in the modern world. Quan pulls no punches, gives no apologies, and has written one of the best and most honest books yet on the topic.
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    Is this why you came back?” Wendy interrupted. “Because of your relationship with Allison?”

    “No.” I fell silent. It’s been over a year and there’s quite a lot Wendy doesn’t know. And not just because I have to withhold so much business info in our sessions. “It’s a relationship with a guy. I’m—we’re—in love. We got involved last spring.”

    “Well, perhaps we should get caught up on that. Is he a client?”

    “No, a straight guy.”

    “When you say he’s a straight guy, you mean…?”

    I held up my left hand as if it were a shield and spun m

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