Laura Lovecraft

The MILF's Lucky Intern

Austin is obsessed with his boss Selena; a red headed, blue eyed bombshell, she has been the object of his lust for years. The problem is not only is she his boss, but Selena is also his best friend Steven's mother. Austin knows he doesn't have a shot with her for a variety of reasons, but that hasn't stopped her from being the focal point of year’s worth of fantasies.

On a business trip to Chicago, Selena needs someone to stay late and help her with a large project. Knowing the other interns were planning on going out to a club, Austin volunteers to stay and is about to be well rewarded. Not only does Selena tell him she is hiring him permanently, but is about to give him one hell of a bonus.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

I gasped when she narrowly missed my shaft, and then stared at her feet in my lap. The tips of her toes were the same deep red as her fingers and my eyes worked down her foot then up her now bare leg. The skirt was up well past her mid thigh and she was looking at me with a smile on her face, “They’re feet, Austin, I’m sure you’ve seen them before.”

“Right, I just think that…”

“You think too much. I told you that already.” I started to speak, but she raised her finger, “Bottom line when a pretty woman asks you to rub her feet you do it.” She shrugged, “If you’re smart anyway.”

Cupping the heel of her foot in my hand, I lifted it and began rubbing her foot, working my fingers into the soft sole while my thumb pushed down on the top of it.

“Oh, that feels so good.”

I focused on her foot, watching my fingers massage it. I began rubbing the bottom of each of her toes with my thumb and she released another of those long moans.

“Honey, that is so sweet! Hmm,” she slid further down the couch.

Honey?  I jumped when her other foot pushed against my shaft. Putting her foot down, I quickly grabbed the other, lifting it from my obvious bulge and hoping she didn’t feel it. Selena was making those little noises again as I rubbed the bottom of her other foot and risking a glance her way saw that she had her head back against the couch with her eyes closed.

Her lips were parted slightly and her long hair was across her shoulders and chest. I was struck with how beautiful she was. My eyes found the swelling of her breasts in the tight top and I added the word sexy to beautiful. Damn she was a gorgeous woman! My shaft was telling me it agreed as it began to throb while I looked her up and down. Her foot pushed against me and this time began moving back and forth…
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Moira Nelligar



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