Brian Scott

That Day, Great and Terrible

Angela Sabogal is on a never-ending road trip through the back alleys of America. Her father is hell-bent on saving the world one soul at a time, but she just wants to go home.

Kat is lost and unemployed. Her marriage is shaky and there is something wrong with her son. As the world grows more terrifying, she looks to a stranger for comfort.

Milton is able to speak, but has nothing to say. So when an encounter in the basement of his father’s church awakens a strange new ability, he is amazed when crowds gather around him to listen.

Gabe is a college student searching for glory. He longs to stare down the devil and fight for Jesus. But when he is confronted with true evil, he questions everything he believes.

These four lives come together as the world around them falls apart. Now they must face their darkest sins as they await the coming of that great and terrible day.
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Дата публікації оригіналу
Nine Foot Voice


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