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A dead man is jolted back in time—by two months—and must try to identify his own murderer, in this suspenseful “existential thriller” (Kirkus Reviews).
On the morning of July 9, 2012, New York Times investigative reporter Andrew Stilman is jogging along the Hudson River when he feels a sudden, sharp pain in his lower back. He collapses in a pool of blood. When he regains consciousness, it’s May 7, 2012—exactly two months earlier.
From that moment on, Andrew has sixty days to uncover his murderer. Sixty days to find out who wants him dead and why—his wife? Someone he’s reported on? A coworker with a grudge? From New York City to Buenos Aires, Andrew embarks on a gripping race against time, in a twisting tale that is by turns funny and heartrending, from an international-bestselling author whose novels have sold more than forty million copies.
“A riveting paranormal premise propels this thriller . . . [A] page-turner.” —Publishers Weekly
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