Don Pendleton

Panic in Philly

While the Executioner targets Philly, the government lays a trap
The war in Philadelphia starts in the back of a Mafia-owned garage when a man in combat gear turns his machine pistol on five small-time loan sharks. They don’t even have time to react before Mack Bolan guns them down, in full view of a customer and a mechanic. Before the Executioner departs, he tells the survivors to give the local don a message: It’s over. But the battle for Philadelphia is just beginning.
Bolan’s war against organized crime has brought chaos to cities across the country, and while countless local cops may sympathize with his motives, the federal government has no patience for vigilantes. When Bolan surfaces in Philadelphia, the feds go after him like never before. Since his war began, Mack Bolan has kept his pledge never to kill an honest cop. Before he can escape the city of brotherly love, a federal dragnet will put the Executioner to the test.
Panic in Philly is the 15th book in the Executioner series, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.
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