Kelley Armstrong


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    The book was an old text on agrarian cults that hadn’t been checked out in years
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    Hopi, isn’t it? The crow mother?”
    Catja Andersenцитує3 роки тому
    sighed. “That’ll be my epitaph someday. So trustworthy. So honest. So boring.”
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    Finally I got up to close the window. I stood there, looking out. Moonlight flooded the yard. Scents washed over me. Even the sounds of the forest seemed to call to me, and I told myself I was just reacting to what Rafe said, but that wasn’t true. I’d felt this way for the last three nights. Only now I knew what it meant and that made all the difference.
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    When I was running with Rafe, we found ourselves at the cache and I could see Mina Lee, her eyes wide, face streaked with blood, and I could smell that blood, and it didn’t smell bad. It smelled—
    I jerked awake.
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    We have Kenjii. We have my cell phone. Since we aren’t yet officially dating, I’m sure you’ll agree that’s all the protection we need.”
    Dad choked on his coffee.
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