The German Conspiracy in America, natasha

The German Conspiracy in America

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Michael, a former priest of German ancestry, falls in love with a Jewish girl whose family suffered in the holocaust. His budding romance flounders many times. Eventually, their polarized families learn of their relationship and try to intervene as a history of their religions unfold. When Michael finds out that his family has involved him in their secret life, he experiences an emotional trauma. This story generates laughter and tears through its characters, which includes Dr. Ling, a humorous Chinese psychologist; a southern nymphomaniac; Miss. Kravitz, a comic little old landlady; and the bigoted students in the high school who are part of the Ku Klux Klan. The German Conspiracy in America, which takes place near Boston, is a powerful and entertaining story of love, hate, humor, and anger by interweaving the nonfiction of religious history and government with comedy and sex to create a most unusual fiction form.
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