Margaret Atwood

The Penelopiad: The Myth of Penelope and Odysseus

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    The Chorus Line: A Rope-Jumping Rhyme

    we are the maids
    the ones you killed
    the ones you failed
    we danced in air
    our bare feet twitched
    it was not fair
    with every goddess, queen, and bitch
    from there to here
    you scratched your itch
    we did much less
    than what you did
    you judged us bad
    you had the spear
    you had the word
    at your command
    we scrubbed the blood
    of our dead
    paramours from floors, from chairs
    from stairs, from doors,
    we knelt in water
    while you stared
    at our bare feet
    it was not fair
    you licked our fear
    it gave you pleasure
    you raised your hand
    you watched us fall
    we danced on air
    the ones you failed
    the ones you killed
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    Helen, Helen the lovely, Helen the septic bitch,
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    Menelaus himself. Menelaus the rich, Menelaus the thickhead, Menelaus of the loud voice, Menelaus the cuckold.

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