Benjamin Bailey

A Frustrated America: Voices of Change

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You cannot help but hear the voices calling for impeachment, change in immigration policy and climate change. America is tired of the incongruity of political parties that never get anything done but finger point as their answers to citizens questions. America has the right to voice their opinions for change because the social ills and climate of hate and discontent are making everyone bigots. America has a growing mass of people that love this country, and their frustration of the direction of America must be put on the desk of political officials that need our vote. We all have a right to express our concerns for we have a President that does not care for climate change because he will not be alive to see the deadly effect it has on humanity. If you are a frustrated American for positive change, this book is for you and spread the word for others that feel change is needed in America.
Author's Republic
Author's Republic
Steven W Ship


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